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Ashley Dowden

Ashley Dowden

Founder and CEO

After owning a small agency in Indy and working with big names, I quickly found out that Digital eCommerce & Manufacturing LEAN plays a HUGE role. I decided to go back to school at Villanova University and received Six Sigma training and am now currently a certified Six Sigma Black Belt. Every so often I get asked to come on for short process improvement projects both at the corporate and manufacturing level.

I then started to get asked to teach as an adjunct instructor for several Universities in 2022 in the Digital Media area. This honorable opportunity has really paved the way for young leaders and upper management students to take from my experience and apply it at the corporate level. This experience has truly been rewarding and I’m thankful for the opportunities I have been given thus far.

For me, my life isn’t all around my career path through. My “Mom Duties” come first in life. My two boys – who are only 18 months apart in age – keep things lively every hour of the day. It’s like the best playground everywhere I bring a can-do attitude to tackle challenges, or create solutions and grow stronger.

I bring a can-do attitude to everything I do, whether I’m jumping for a ball at Sky Zone, feeding hungry young minds at home, managing digital ad campaigns for clients, or helping students achieve their dreams.

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Gregg Fore

Gregg Fore

Business Partner

Gregg Fore’s fifty-year career in the RV industry includes being President of a Supplier firm, Dicor Corporation for over 25 years. Most recently he served as an active partner in RVBusiness Magazine.

He served 19 years as a Board member of RVIA (Recreational Vehicle Industry Association) including two years as Chairman. He has received RVIA’s Distinguished Service Award, the association’s highest honor, and was inducted into the RV/MH Hall of Fame in 2018.

Having served in positions in a variety of non-profit organizations as well as other associations, he currently serves on the Board of the Ronald McDonald House of Michiana, as a Trustee of Ivy Tech – North Central, and is a committee member for the YWCA’s Women’s Shelter.

Brandon Smithwick

Brandon Smithwick

Lead Digital Strategy Marketing Consultant

Hands-on, passionate about people, and a family-oriented person! Since the pandemic, I began to work with my brother and sister by helping them build their online presence with their businesses using an array of digital marketing strategies. Serving on advisory boards for Hilton and Marriott with my closest colleagues and corporate leadership teams helping them direct their digital future.

I have a vast background in digital marketing which includes developing websites, content development, graphic design, paid ads, social media, search engine optimization (SEO), and email marketing. Most of my knowledge has been self-taught, while I do hold an undergrad degree in eCommerce/Marketing as well as an MBA in Internet Marketing. My motto is, People are MY business.

Being a professional speaker has opened the doors to teaching at the University level to hard-working people who have the desire to do more. Starting in 2018 as a digital marketing instructor at Miami-Dade College, I taught students how to market their businesses on social media. This was a 9-class, 30-hour course taught 3 times a year. Fast-forward to 2022, I now teach students at the University level across several universities in a full-on Digital Marketing Bootcamp that spans 10 months with approximately 450 hours of live instruction over Zoom.

Onycha Lee

Onycha Lee

Creative Strategist

Digital design has always been something that I’ve been drawn to, ever since I was young. I strive to be creative and impactful in every piece of work I make – whether it be for clients or for my own personal work.

My skills lie in the creative field, but they extend into SEO content writing, web development (front and back end), and data analytics as well. In addition, I studied at the Elkhart Area Career Center for 2 years taking dual credit Ivy Tech classes. Doing freelance work (designing apparel, websites, posters etc.) for companies and businesses has also helped develop my experience over the years. 

I believe that simplicity is key. Oftentimes, the most effective designs are those that are straightforward and easy to understand. This is a belief that I try to carry over into all facets of my life, but especially in the marketing and designing world.

Alan Fore

Alan Fore

Senior Graphic Designer

Alan graduated from the Columbus College of Art and Design in 1998, and since then, He has worked as a designer for agencies, in marketing departments, and as a a freelancer. Working in a variety of settings and with such a wide range of clients has taught him to be fast and flexible with his design work and to communicate well. Over the last 25 years, he has worked on pretty much any kind of design product you can think of, from apps and websites to good old brochures and newspaper ads.

In addition to joining Dowden Consulting, he specializes in creating (by hand) hand-realistic fan artwork of anything from popular to celebrities, and Star Wars, all the way to comics. You can visit Alanfore.com to see more!

His design skills focus on simple, effective page payouts for web, app, and print. He has a great deal of experience with photo editing and illustration. He is excited to be joining the team at Dowden Consulting as their new Senior Graphic Designer on multiple projects. These projects are going to help make the non-profit sectors in the Michiana community really thrive and he is looking forward to be a part of that!

Tori Dubis

Tori Dubis

Lead Creative Strategist

Multi-Passionate Creative exploring innovative solutions for simple and complex problems. I find joy in collaborating on projects with like minded creatives in multiple areas as well as utilizing my illustration/fine art skills to compliment assignments at hand. Applying my existing skillset and expanding into new territory is where I excel and am always looking forward to exciting new endeavors.


South Bend/Mishawaka Indiana

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