Who is Dowden Consulting?

From freelancer to full-time consultant, Ashley Dowden, founder and CEO of Dowden Consulting, has a one-of-a-kind story on how her business came to be. It has taken years to develop, but it was her dedication that led to her success.

Ashley grew up in a small town in Northern Indiana and went to the Elkhart Area Career Center, where she now offers advice to students. She was awarded a full scholarship to attend the Multimedia Program and started out doing many internships, both paid and unpaid, because she realized the value this would bring to her portfolio and understanding of the differences between corporate, agency, and entrepreneurial environments.

Ashley started her first business, ANH Media LLC in Indianapolis, right out of college. After taking a break from the business world to raise her two sons, she returned to working full-time as a consultant for several companies on one-off contracts in the field of digital marketing, which led to the development and start of her newest company: Dowden Consulting with a tagline of “data-driven solutions – that work.” She now solves very complex problems for companies and loves what she does!

“At Dowden Consulting, I and the top experts in the field of digital marketing have come together as one and are now working hard to focus on consulting clients, in addition to me, on high-level complex problems with their marketing campaigns.”Where other agencies just haven’t been able to ‘break the code’ (if you will) and figure out the solution as to why their clients are not meeting their goals (often conversion-related issues), we find the issue and form a long-term strategy. I have yet to have a client that is unsatisfied on any level; I value our clients’ trust and work hard to achieve just that.”  -Ashley Dowden

From a freelancer to a team of four consultants, Dowden Consulting is unlike any other digital marketing agency. At Dowden Consulting, we incorporate Six Sigma tools when it comes to defining your goals and objectives, as well as analyzing your data. We are a rare find in the digital world and our formula may be the key to your success.

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-Onycha Lee

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