We always search for ways to refine and improve our clients’ needs. That’s how we recently implemented an innovative digital marketing strategy for Simplified Tool that resulted in unprecedented levels of client satisfaction. 

The Challenge

Simplified Tool has a mission of increasing their online sales and staying ahead of the competition. To do this, they came to us about reaching their target audience with minimal investment expenditure in paid media outlets. They wanted to identify which products were gaining traction among customers so they could capitalize on any successes while making informed decisions about future product offerings.

How it all Happened

To reach the objectives of Simplified Tool, our Six Sigma Tools and Data Analysis team put a comprehensive strategy in motion. This included researching & defining their target audiences as well as crafting organic SEO content that would draw visitors to their site and engage their target audience. In addition, we planned Email Marketing campaigns tailored around each step of the buyer’s journey. Finally, historical data was gathered so the effectiveness could be monitored regularly and tactical changes made accordingly throughout any given initiative.

The Results

Simplified Tool found the Level 4 Audit to be insightful and extremely beneficial in determining their audience. They also trusted in our ability to develop the strategy and assist in the execution of their digital marketing plan. We achieved complete client satisfaction with 90% data analysis accuracy within 165 hours of research and development delivered on time and on budget.

Simplified Tool

-Onycha Lee

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